We offer a diverse range of products and services. Here are some to mention.

Product Development

Through strategic planning, market analysis as well as idea analysis and selection, we collaborate with our clients in the development and delivery of new products. Our workforce also enables our clients improve on already existing products and services focused on contributing to their business growth.

Design and Engineering

We collaborate with clients on projects of various kinds to enable them overcome the challenges of product design and engineering by delivering services such as industrial design services, technical drawing services and 3D modeling.

Intelligent Process Automation

We empower our clients in AI strategies to optimize their businesses, elevate flow of goods, distinguish areas where automation can enable them meet the market needs and generate the most significant value.

Technology Development

Our technology development team offers specialized skill with highly competitive commercial experience focused on creating disruptive green technology for our clients.

Project Management

The project management team uses a collection of proven techniques in proposing, planning, analyzing and executing projects to meet the specified needs of our clients.


Our marketing team possess massive experience and thorough understanding of the market segments to help our clients get their products and services to their target markets.

General Supplies

GreenX Telemechanics Limited prides itself in a highly skilled supply team that ensures timely delivery of quality products to our clients’ satisfaction.

Ongoing Projects

GreenX Telemechanics is currently working on three projects check them out.