Vulipap by GreenX

Vulipap's Story

Faced by a myriad of challenges, GreenX Telemechanics set out to solve problems motorists and vehicle owners face. Globally, people spend an incredible sum of money in the purchase and maintenance of their motor vehicles whether for personal or commercial use. Alongside other vehicle accessories that are needed to preserve their condition, the challenge on damage to both the vehicle’s exterior and interior due to exposure to the sun has not been fully addressed.

The Problem

There exist very few shaded parking lots whether it is a built-in permanent shade structure or a tree shade with surveys depicting that a majority of motorists and vehicle owners waste so much time or part away with so much money in search of a shaded parking space.

To address this concern, GreenX Telemechanics has come up with the solution, Vulipap

You have complete control in your hands.

Vulipap includes an application that continuously monitors the device's status, power consumption, security, and location.

Vulipap is a fully automated portable car awning through the manipulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced technology giving you the much needed comfort knowing that you have protected your vehicle from devaluation by the damaging effects of the sun .

Vulipap Overview

Make use of all the features that Vulipap has to offer.


Fully automated making it Disability User-Friendly.


An alarm system guaranteeing added security features to your vehicle.

Location Tracking

Track the exact location of your vulipap in real time.


A biometric feature to guarantee security of both the awning and the vehicle.

Pleasing Design

Aesthetically pleasing designs.

Environmentally Friendly

Use of Environmental-Friendly materials.


Durable, foldable, portable, UV-Resistant and Waterproof guaranteeing a quality product.

Easy Use

Vulipap is simple to use and secure.