GreenX Departments

The back-bone of GreenX Telemechanics

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Department otherwise known as the AI Department undertakes the utilization of Artificial Intelligence as well as technology in our services and products. We live in a rapidly growing technological world. As such it is our core mandate as an innovative company to manipulate Artificial Intelligence and Technology in our undertakings.

Eco-Friendly Telemechanic Department

The workforce in this department includes ICT Specialists, Biochemists, Engineers as well as Environmentalists whose responsibility is to develop telemechanic within the organization. They are also responsible in ensuring that all developments undertaken by the department are environmentally friendly. This department engages private label partnerships to produce quality products and telemechanic.

Innovation Desk

The workforce in this department is tasked with the development of innovations as well as their management through legal protection of these innovations. All GreenX innovations address a challenge faced all across the globe. GreenX Telemechanics Limited is an Eco-Friendly Company. As such all innovations undergo a screening process by the innovations team to ensure that they qualify as environmentally friendly innovations.

We utilize the skillset of Biochemists, Engineers, Lawyers, Environmentalist as well as ICT Specialists to ensure that all our products match up to our quality assurance.

Marketing Team

GreenX's marketing team creates and executes strategies to raise brand awareness and increase sales of the company's products and services. They are a collection of teams who work together to achieve different goals that benefit GreenX Telemechanics.

General Supplies

The workforce within this department is responsible for analyzing and applying for supply tenders, acquisition of materials to be supplied to our clients, timely distribution of our products and services to clients as well as acquisition of products required to be consumed by departments within the company. The General Supplies Department in liaison with the Purchase Department, follow a standard procedure of procurement and ensures that the company has appropriate and timely supply of all necessary goods and services.

Our strength

What are the advantages of our departments?

Support 24/7

Our teams offer 24/7 support for each project being worked on.

Secure Methodoloiges

The teams work with proven techniques that will be crucial in service delivery

Extremely fast

With the experience gathered in their fields the teams are well prepared for industry needs


Efficiency is the main goal in the business sector and that is the everyday challenge that our departments are trying to fix.